imageThe season is almost upon us, only 6 days left. I’m excited to bring some new coverage to the fantasy basketball world that hopefully you all find interesting, informative and entertaining.

And now a little info about myself and my fantasy basketball knowledge and experience. I’ve played fantasy basketball for the last four years, during which I’ve won three championships, and finished third in the other three. I’ve watched the NBA for the best part of 20 years, so hopefully this experience holds me in good stead to provide useful and entertaining information to all of you reading.

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing a couple of articles on busts & sleepers for standard leagues as well as a deep league sleeper for all 30 teams. Once the season kicks off, I’ll be breaking down the box score of each game from a fantasy perspective, giving insight into who I see as a possible pre-emptive pick up as well as who it might be time to give up hope on.

All the best for the season and for any drafts you have upcoming, and here’s to a successful 2013-14




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