Updated Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings — 2014-15

"<strongA few months back, I gave my initial fantasy basketball dynasty rankings, for dynasty leagues drafting this season. Those initial rankings were based mainly on rotisserie values across nine categories. Given how I’ve been toying with a new way to assess head-to-head rankings, I thought it was time to tinker with these ranks and provide an updated version, catered for head-to-head leagues.

As with the last lot of dynasty rankings, the value is geared towards the next four seasons.

The Red Rock H2H Dynasty 100

1 Kevin Durant
2 Anthony Davis
3 Stephen Curry
4 James Harden
5 LeBron James
6 Andre Drummond
7 John Wall
8 DeMarcus Cousins
9 Russell Westbrook
10 Damian Lillard
11 Chris Paul
12 Dwight Howard
13 Carmelo Anthony
14 DeAndre Jordan
15 Blake Griffin
16 Serge Ibaka
17 Kyle Lowry
18 Al Jefferson
19 Kevin Love
20 Paul George
21 Kemba Walker
22 LaMarcus Aldridge
23 Paul Millsap
24 Mike Conley
25 Chris Bosh
26 Ty Lawson
27 Kyrie Irving
28 Joakim Noah
29 Victor Oladipo
30 Gordon Hayward
31 Nerlens Noel
32 Eric Bledsoe
33 Isaiah Thomas
34 Michael Carter-Williams
35 Goran Dragic
36 Monta Ellis
37 Jeff Teague
38 Al Horford
39 Derrick Favors
40 Kawhi Leonard
41 Jabari Parker
42 Brandon Jennings
43 DeMar DeRozan
44 Ricky Rubio
45 Nicolas Batum
46 Jonas Valanciunas
47 Klay Thompson
48 Greg Monroe
49 Marc Gasol
50 Nikola Vucevic
51 Dirk Nowitzki
52 Josh Smith
53 Jrue Holiday
54 Andrew Wiggins
55 Robin Lopez
56 Deron Williams
57 Kenneth Faried
58 Marcin Gortat
59 Derrick Rose
60 Bradley Beal
61 Wesley Matthews
62 Brook Lopez
63 Rudy Gay
64 Giannis Antetokounmpo
65 Lance Stephenson
66 Chandler Parsons
67 Markieff Morris
68 Thaddeus Young
69 Terrence Jones
70 Marcus Smart
71 Roy Hibbert
72 Mario Chalmers
73 Trey Burke
74 Gorgui Dieng
75 Dwyane Wade
76 Darren Collison
77 Jeremy Lin
78 Draymond Green
79 Elfrid Payton
80 Jose Calderon
81 David West
82 Amir Johnson
83 Trevor Ariza
84 Tony Parker
85 Kevin Martin
86 Jeff Green
87 Rajon Rondo
88 Taj Gibson
89 Mason Plumlee
90 George Hill
91 Larry Sanders
92 Kelly Olynyk
93 David Lee
94 Brandon Knight
95 Reggie Jackson
96 Jodie Meeks
97 Enes Kanter
98 John Henson
99 Patrick Beverley
100 Joel Embiid

So, there we go. Some updated dynasty rankings. These rankings are not an exact science by any means, as it’s hard to project this season, let alone the next few, but this should give you somewhat of a guide for any drafts you have coming up.

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14 Replies to “Updated Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings — 2014-15”

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  2. Hello,

    First of all, I want to say that your ranking is really helpful for my fantasy basketball team.

    Im in a 20 teams – Dynasty League (H2H) and have won 2 years in row, and not on third year, I’m hoping that I can make a 3 peat. (11keepers, 5 draft)

    Here are the stats for the league:
    FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO

    My Keepers:
    DeAndre Jordan
    Wilson Chandler
    Paul George

    My question is that,

    Based from your H2H ranking, Leonard is ranked very low, should I flipped him for someone else? a PG perhaps? I’m gonna try Westbrook, but not sure if the owner will bite.

    This years Im trying to target a few rookies, since I’m picking late in the draft, any target rookie sleepers?

    • If you can get Westbrook for Kawhi, do it! Especially in H2H, Kawhi’s value isn’t as great. In dynasty he’s a bit more valuable, but if you can get a top 20 player I say do it. As for rookies, I like Spencer Dinwiddie and Jordan Clarkson as late sleepers, also Adreian Payne maybe worth a look. Don’t forget Jarnell Stokes in Memphis as well.

      • thanks for the feedback. Ill keep that in mind. contemplating whether to hold on to PG for the rest of the year or try to trade him for players that can actually play this season. What do you think? If yes, who should I target based from my team?

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  4. Hi,
    Nice site, not sure if this is a stupid question but i am in a H2H league and this year we are making it a keeper league. I have the number 6 draft pick so if Durant is still available i should take him, right?
    If he goes who do you think would be best to take?

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