In A Shock, Chris Bosh Signs Max Deal In Miami

Once LeBron James announced his decision to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets cleared cap space by trading Jeremy Lin to the Los Angeles Lakers, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Chris Bosh would wind up as a member of the Rockets.

Chris BoshBut, as is often the case, things were not as they appeared. Hours after James’ decision, it was reported that Bosh would accept a five year, $118 million deal from the Heat and instantly catapult himself into the number one position in the franchise. A deal with Dwyane Wade seems a foregone conclusion, leaving the Heat with two thirds of the Big Three and still a genuine playoff competitor in the Eastern Conference.

What about Bosh, the fantasy star? Well, this development is great news for his fantasy value. Last season, as the second and sometimes third option in Miami, Bosh was still a very, very good fantasy contributor. Let’s take a look at his numbers from the 2013-14 season.

Chris Bosh 32 16.2 0.9 6.6 1.1 1.0 1.0 12.1 51.6 3.4 82.0 25

The ranking of 25 was the second best of Bosh’s first four seasons in Miami, with the best being his 19th ranked finish in 2012-13. Now with James out of the picture, the coast is clear for Bosh to return to the sort of numbers he was putting up in Toronto as the main man. And for $118 million, he’d better be the main man.

Bosh scored over 20 points a game in his last five seasons in Toronto, also grabbing double digit boards in three of those seasons. He’s now also added a three-point shot to his game, so he may have emerged as the big fantasy winner on this day of craziness in the NBA.

Assuming Wade comes back and isn’t miraculously healed from his knee and hamstring issues, Bosh will be carrying this team, with his current supporting cast consisting of Josh McRoberts, rookie Shabazz Napier and a cardboard cutout of Danny Granger, a lot is going to be placed on Bosh’s shoulders.

Bosh has been one of the more underrated fantasy players in the last few seasons, but I imagine a lot of people will be jumping on his bandwagon this coming season, so be prepared to go early to get him.

When doing the projections for Bosh, I looked back more toward his production in Toronto to get an idea of what sort of numbers he was capable when in a starring role. Here’s what I think we’ll get out of Bosh this season.

Chris Bosh 36 21.6 1.0 8.5 2.0 1.1 1.1 15.4 50.2 7.6 81.6

Numbers like that, which I don’t think are too optimistic, would place Bosh in the conversation to be a top 10 pick. I’d probably look at him around pick 12-15, but he looks set to have a monster season as he makes the Heat his own.

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