Red Rock Fantasy Basketball League 2014/15

I Love This Game
As I mentioned a few weeks back on Twitter and on episode 65 of the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast, we’re going to be running¬†the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball League for listeners and readers this coming season.

The first league I’m working on is going to be a super-deep dynasty league. Obviously with dynasty leagues, these are leagues run for multiple seasons and we want people who are up for a big challenge. It involves the following key points

  • Managing a large, roster, with a minor league reserve list for unsigned players. For example, you would be able to hold Nikola Mirotic on this list until he comes over and signs for the Bulls and with Dario Saric in this year’s draft, who isn’t expected to come over immediately. You could draft them and stash them away, much like real NBA teams do with prospects.
  • Managing a salary cap. The draft will be an auction draft, and the bd price of the players will equate to their salary, which must be maintained under a salary cap. Players won at auction will be be able to be allocated years on their ‘contract’, so bidding for Kevin Durant for say $100 and winning the bid, you then can nominate to have KD on a one, two, three or four year contract.
  • Much like the real NBA, contracts will be guaranteed, at least partially, meaning that there will be some penalty for cutting a player under contract. This is a common feature in dynasty drafts and will encourage trades, rather than waiver-wire streaming.
  • There will be trading of future draft picks, so teams out of contention can build for the future by acquiring picks and potential.
  • The league will run on a head-to-head each category format, but the categories haven’t been fully decided yet.
  • Each season, there will be a rookie draft, to select the incoming rookies and will be based on the inverse of the previous season’s standings.

I think that covers the basics. If you interested in being a part of this exciting league, let me know either in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook or via email

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