Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Post All-Star — James Harden Tops The List

james harden
A big factor in looking forward to next season’s rankings is, obviously, how the players performed in this current season. But , of even more value, is looking at what happened toward end of the season. That’s when rotations have settled, rookies have acclimatised and things are really starting to shake out.

That’s why I’m presenting the top 50 post All-Star fantasy rankings. These are nine category rankings, as always, and are per-game rankings. From these rankings, we should be to able to notice some interesting trends heading into next season.

Full season rankings in parentheses

  1. James Harden (8)
  2. Kevin Durant (1)
  3. Anthony Davis (2)
  4. Chris Paul (3)
  5. LeBron James (4)
  6. Stephen Curry (6)
  7. Kawhi Leonard (16)
  8. Kevin Love (5)
  9. Carmelo Anthony (7)
  10. Serge Ibaka (10)
  11. Joakim Noah (21)
  12. Russell Westbrook (23)
  13. Dirk Nowitzki (9)
  14. Al Jefferson (15)
  15. Paul George (11)
  16. Kyrie Irving (24)
  17. DeMarcus Cousins (19)
  18. Robin Lopez (40)
  19. Kyle Lowry (17)
  20. Chris Bosh (25)
  21. Deron Williams (56)
  22. Jodie Meeks (42)
  23. Nick Young (90)
  24. Blake Griffin (22)
  25. Nicolas Batum (38)
  26. Marcin Gortat (45)
  27. Derrick Favors (55)
  28. LaMarcus Aldridge (13)
  29. Marc Gasol (43)
  30. Nikola Vucevic (37)
  31. Thaddeus Young (32)
  32. Paul Millsap (20)
  33. DeAndre Jordan (31)
  34. Jordan Hill (131)
  35. Pau Gasol (47)
  36. Matt Barnes (122)
  37. Andre Drummond (27)
  38. Tim Duncan (36)
  39. Trevor Ariza (26)
  40. Damian Lillard (30)
  41. Goran Dragic (28)
  42. J.R. Smith (95)
  43. Terrence Jones (60)
  44. Klay Thompson (46)
  45. Kenneth Faried (78)
  46. Jeff Teague (84)
  47. Randy Foye (81)
  48. Tobias Harris (89)
  49. Isaiah Thomas (33)
  50. John Wall (29)

A couple of guys worth noting here.

First of all, seeing James Harden atop the rankings is a little surprising, but not totally. He was simply phenomenal over the season’s second half, averaging 27.7 points, 3.0 three-pointers, 4.7 rebounds and 7.4 assists, while shooting fantastic percentages. In the 28 post-All-Star games, Harden had 10 double doubles and one triple double and improved nearly every area of his game (except the swinging door defense.) I currently have Harden sitting sixth on the Red Rock 150, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see him go in the top three.

Kawhi Leonard in the top 10 is great for people for love Kawhi, like me, and probably a huge surprise to others who aren’t recognising his fantasy talents. He’s a sure fire top 20 player next season and could end the year as a top 10 guy.

Robin Lopez in the top 20 probably won’t be replicated next season, but the top 50 is almost a lock. He started off the season poorly, but really found his role in the season’s second half. He averaged 11.7 points, 8.8 rebounds and 2.0 blocks and shot 57.6 percent from the field and a stellar 85.2 percent from the line.

Probably the most surprising name in the top 50 is Nick Young. I’m sure you knew Swaggy P had a great second half, but top 25 good? Seems far-fetched, but that’s exactly how the numbers played out. Young averaged 20.8 points, 3.4 three-pointers and shot 48.1 percent from the field in 16 games after the break. With his 2014-15 team still undecided, Young has played himself into a bigger contract and will be drafted in all fantasy leagues.

Two guys who shocked me in this top 50 were J.R. Smith and Kenneth Faried. Both guys started off the season horribly and should’ve been dropped in most leagues. But, in the stretch run, these guys turned it on. Now, whether that translates into big seasons next season remains to be seen and I’m not sold on either guy at this stage. A lot can change as we see the rosters shake out though.

Who were you most surprised about in the top 50? Let me know on Twitter @redrock_bball or email

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