Deep Diving: Perry Jones III

The NBA season has kicked off and knowing lots of fantasy owners, you’ll all be eager to action your trigger fingers and make a grab at free agents on your waiver wire from the get-go. In these “Deep Diving” posts, which I’ll endeavour to have up daily, I’ll look at the best performances from players who are on the waiver wire in deeper leagues, leagues of over 14 teams. This doesn’t mean that these guys should only be picked up in leagues that deep, but more that they will likely be available in a wider array of leagues.

Perry Jones III –  Thunder (ESPN 0.2 percent, Yahoo 18 percent)

Perry Jones IIIAfter a three point, three rebound night Wednesday, it’s nigh on impossible to have suggested that Perry Jones would do anything of note in the back-to-back game against the Clippers. He didn’t just do something of note — he wrote all the notes! I don’t know if that makes sense, but you get the drift. Jones had 32 points (10-17 FG, 3-6 3Pt, 9-11 FT) with seven rebounds, three assists and one block in 42 minutes, easily a career night for the former Baylor standout. With no Russell Westbrook for likely the next month, Kevin Durant still missing for about six more weeks and Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb and Anthony Morrow all still on the shelf, Jones is going to have to carry the offense for a while. He won’t be a 32 point scorer each night, but he also won’t score three on most nights either. Somewhere in the middle is about right, and he should be owned in most leagues at the moment, but once the players return for the Thunder, he can be dropped except in deeper leagues.

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