Boxscore Breakdown Day 126: Oh So Close

LeBron James

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LeBron James, SF/PF, Miami Heat:

61 points (22-33 FG, 8-12 FT), 8 threes, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 2 turnovers

This was LeBron in insane mode. He set a career high in scoring as well as a Miami Heat record for most points and was truly dominant. Has he wrested the MVP title back from Durant’s spindly grasp yet? If not, he’s mighty close.

Rest of the top 10:

  1. Ty Lawson
  2. Andre Drummond
  3. Ersan Ilyasova
  4. Al Jefferson
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Tyreke Evans
  7. Robin Lopez
  8. Pau Gasol
  9. Deron Williams


Tayshaun Prince, SF, Memphis Grizzlies (0.4% owned):

21 points (8-11 FG, 3-3 FT), 2 threes, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 0 blocks, 1 turnover

Prince has been brutal this season, but he’s been on a solid little run of late. He’s not ownable in standard leagues, but maybe in a 14 teamer he’s worth a grab with the way he’s playing.


Andre Drummond, PF/C, Detroit Pistons:

17 points (6-9 FG, 5-7 FT), 0 threes, 26 rebounds, 0 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, 0 turnovers

Is it just me or is Drummond’s free thro shooting actually improving? It’s all he needs to become an elite fantasy prospect as he is physically dominating most centres in the game.

THE STINKER – First Annual Joe Johnson Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Mediocrity

Josh Smith, SF/PF, Detroit Pistons:

15 points (5-17 FG, 5-9 FT), 0 threes, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steals, 0 blocks, 3 turnovers

There is barely a player I dislike more than Josh Smith — maybe only Joe Johnson fits the bill. Smith cannot shoot, yet continues to do so and I would only own him if you are punting percentage categories.

Boxscore Breakdown

Most Points – LeBron James, SF/PF, Miami Heat – 61

Oh so close to Carmelo Anthony‘s season high of 62, but LeBron will have to just settle for being the best player on the planet. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Most Threes – LeBron James, SF/PF, Miami Heat – 8

I feel kinda sorry for the Bobcats having to come up against that sort of performance. He’s really kicking his three point shooting into another gear lately, averaging a whopping 2.3 made three-pointers per game in the last month.

Most ReboundsAndre Drummond, PF/C, Detroit Pistons – 26

I’m so glad I got on the Drummond train in the preseason and consequently, I own him in about five of my six leagues. Drummond is the 11th ranked player in the past month of NBA games.

Most AssistsBrandon Jennings, PG, Detroit Pistons – 11
Ty Lawson, PG, Denver Nuggets – 11
Kendall Marshall, PG, Los Angeles Lakers – 11

Welcome back, Ty! Lawson returned from his rib injury to score 31 points with three threes and four steals as well and the Nuggets are more than happy have him back. He’s their best player by a wide margin and hopefully they can get their season back on track now.

Kendall Marshal kept up the assisting numbers, but actually also registered on the scoreboard, by scoring seven points. It was the first points he had scored in the last four games.

Jennings only scored nine points and had no steals, so his overall line was poor, but the assists were obviously very nice.

Most StealsShaun Livingston, PG, Brooklyn Nets – 5

Livingston scored 14 points, but had no other statistical contribution. In saying that, that now makes nine steals in his last three games, so he is providing some value there.

Most BlocksRudy Gobert, C, Utah Jazz – 4

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Gobert blocked four shots in less than 10 minutes of action! He only scored two points, but also nabbed a steal. You can’t rely on him in any leagues.

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