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Hi everyone! My name’s Josh and if you’re reading this it seems as though you’ve found my little website. Thank you!

The aim of this site is to provide fantasy basketball analysis, advice and information in a straight forward but entertaining way.

Well as this is titled “About Me”, I’d better say something about me. I’m a huge NBA and sports fan in general, with a great love of fantasy sports. To me, fantasy sports joins together two things that I either love or am quite good at – sports and maths, you can work out which one is which.

I’ve been watching the NBA since 1991 and although I’m a Chicago Bulls fan, my love is for the league in general rather than just being centred on one team,

As you also maybe able to tell from my spelling of the word centred instead of centered, I don’t live in the USA. I live in Melbourne, Australia, home of NBA champion Andrew Gaze.

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Good luck for the season

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  2. Hey man nice show, my name is Dino Red and I am the producer of a B Ball Pod called HoopLA on the RedRock PodCast NetWork yeah I know small world huh? While our show is about NBA but not fantasy specifically the host and myself do play in a fantasy league and we talk about fantasy hoops from time to time. Check us out sometimes and maybe we can do some crossover episodes. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Josh,
    I just listened to your latest podcast after Hassan Whitesides awesome performance against my Chicago Bulls. I was cracking up on your comment about Glen Davis, lol. I’m in a 10 team league head to head league. Jarret Jack and Hassan Whiteside are on waivers. I have at PG: Kyrie Irving, Teague, Elfrid Payton, SG/SF:Harden, Eric Gordon, Wiggins,Hayward, Robert Covington, Giannis Antekuompo PF/C: Dieng, Markieff Morris, Drummond, Derek Favors. Do I drop Giannis or Dieng for Whiteside?

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the comment on Davis! He infuriates me! It’s a tough one as obviously Dieng had a monster game today as well. I think you could drop Giannis for him in a 10 teamer

  4. Hey Josh, Long time listener… Here is my team (8 person H2H 9 cat league). I am currently in 2nd place but I probably have the 3rd best team. I need to make some moves to boost points, assists, threes, steals to have a shot of beating the teams ahead of me…

    My roster is:
    K Leonard
    Thad Young
    Mike Conley
    Ricky Rubio
    Ryan Anderson
    Kief Morris
    R Lopez
    Rudy Gobert
    Beal (IR)

    I’m thinking of making the following trade Vuc, Conley, and Gortat for Aldridge and E Bledsoe

    My thinking is i keep most of my rebound value, boost assist, steals, and points… Aldridge is a high risk high reward but in order to win this is the type of move i need to make… Bledsoe could be a beast, especially if dragic is traded today… I give up Vuc who i love but doesn’t play much in the playoffs, conley who doesn’t look right, and Gortat who has been much worse than the player i hoped for most of the year…

    Would you make this trade based on the information i’ve provided?

  5. I am already a big fan of yours and love your dynasty coverage. Thank you. Australia is a dream of mine someday. I enjoy what you guys did with the English language and your general approach to life.

    Thank you sir from California.

  6. Josh ,

    I m from Singapore and play in a standard 9 category 12 man league and currently sitting 2nd. Been following u since the start and we here in Asia love your pod.

    Question :
    Would u trade Reggie Jackson for Hassan white side.

    My team is as follows
    Reggie Jackson
    Tim Duncan
    Jrue holiday
    Isaiah Canaan
    Demare Carroll ( dropped melo )
    Deron will( traded zbo for him… Bad move)
    Robin Lopez
    David west
    Brandon bass
    Kelly o lynk

    I especially picked up players that have a stacked playoff schedule and made sure I didn’t touch anyone players in weak po scheduled teams.

    Your thoughts please

  7. Question:
    10-team roto league, I have a bye this week (first week of playoffs) I also have 4 injured players stashed,
    “Bob Cov”
    Jerami Grant (if he comes back wiht the injury to Okafor he should be valuable right?)
    Blake Griffin
    I stashed Covingtob and Grant b/c the 76ers play 4 games next week but the following players are on the waiver wire
    Josh Richardson
    Michael Beasely
    Mirza Teletovic
    Jusuf Nurkic
    Isaiah Canaan
    Tim Duncan
    Danny Green (“uggh!”)
    Carl Landry
    Al Faruq Aminu
    Harrison Barnes
    Terrence Ross
    Should I drop any of my INJ guys to pick up any of these guys above? Who will best help me for next week?

  8. Josh,
    I listen to the show religiously it’s awesome!!!! I picked up Dellavadova as the last pick in my draft but I have a glut at PG. Dragic, Ish Smith, Giannis, Isaiah Thomas. I could use another SG/forward TJ Warren, Dion Waiters, Joe Johnson, Mirza Teletovic, Taj Gibson, MKG are all on waivers. Should I drop Delly for any of these guys?

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